What's Happening

We Miss You!

The lockdown continues and we miss hearing you sing and dance with us.  We’re making some films to keep the music alive and we’d love you to be in our next one.

Our last film was seen over 8,000 times online so we want this one to be extra special.


We’ve worked up an amazing version of Queen’s Let Me Live and all we need is for you to make a film singing, dancing or just having fun with the music.

We’re still working on the track so we made a lyric video for you to jive or sing along to.  When you’re done, just come back here and click the upload video button.

We’ve also got an MP3 you can work with here.


Since we think this is going to go EVERYWHERE we just need you to sign a release form and upload your video to our website.

I'm in!

We don’t need a Spielberg-esque production.  Just shoot your video on your phone.  If you’re going to do something special with the posh camera we’ve a technical spec here.

No need to filter or put graphics on the video.