Irish Band Releases Epic Film Production With a Cast from 16 Countries


Irish Queen Tribute band Qween today release an international collaboration with a film covering the gospel themed Queen song Let Me Live.  The film features performances from fans and musicians in from 16 countries and is a statement that even though live music is on hold, musicians are still here to entertain you.


The film was made throughout the lock down and is entirely home made with contributors working on music and film footage from home.


“Queen united the world in song and this is our attempt to do the same. We’ve been blessed with contributions from across the planet. Musicians working to simply say we’re ready to entertain when you can,” said guitarist Thomas Brunkard


“Freddie is an icon, if he were around today we’d like to think he’d try do something like this, using social media to bring some smiles for a few minutes at a time when everyday life is still challenge,” said lead singer, Brian Keville.


The live music scene in Ireland has been seriously harmed by the pandemic and while other sectors start to reopen, musicians will have to wait longest to return to work.


“It’s not for us as musicians to offer any scientific or political comment on the current situation. We’re solely entertainers and our only message here is to keep safe, follow the guidelines and we’ll be back to get you dancing again when it’s safe,” said Brunkard.


The film can be viewed online here:


The band had originally put out a call for contributions on social media and were overwhelmed with a massive response.


The music and film contains a full gospel choir and arrangement from Claire Virginia (England), vocals and guitars from Japanese Queen tribute band Queeness, percussion from South Africa and a cast of fans from Australia to Meath.



Some short facts on the release


  • Videos and music from 16 countries
  • 4 Hours and one full Dropbox of footage distilled into one 4-minute video
  • 172 Layers of music (not including 60 layers of handclaps!)



About Qween


Qween are an Irish based Queen tribute band that take authenticity particularly seriously.  They have previously featured in the press when lead singer Brian Keville met Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and became a feature of Vedder’s solo set in Dublin last year.


The band regularly sell out in venues across the country and have proven a big hit online with their covers of Queen classics receiving views in the thousands.



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